Sunday, May 12, 2013

Breathing New Life Back Into Squadron 668

Sons of The American Legion Commander Chris Huntzinger (2012-13)
To find the best reason to launch and popularize our Squadron 668 Website / Blog was only going to come with time. At this point I want to introduce myself as the Historian for Squadron 668.
Hello, I am Blaine Scott better known as Scotty to our Post Members.
Along with the SAL Commander Tony Waterer and the SAL Adjutant Frank Larkin we have been working steadily since September of 2012 to reassemble our Squadron back into it’s rightful place as a productive squadron and part of the Bateman Gallagher Post honored membership. It is my honor to work with all our elected squadron officers as our squadron’s Historian and Communications Officer.
As a Historian, during the coming months I will be giving you more updated information about our Squadron as well as information from the State and National Sons of the American Legion leaders. We will also be sharing upcoming events as well as fascination history of what other posts as well as our post has made in our quests to help our Veterans, our communities as well as our Country. By acknowledging the good deeds of our Post 668 and the deeds of other posts we will get a better idea of what true Americanism is all about and this in my opinion will help bring us together as a Post with other Posts increasing the value of our Post in our veteran community and by promoting our Post and new Post 668 Website.
In listening to the above speech by Chris Huntzinger (SAL National Commander) we get a wonderful picture of the vision the SAL means to our posts, our community, as well as the veteran community. We also learn what we can do as the SAL member to promote and keep our members active by encouraging and promoting not only the SAL but the American Legion and the Auxiliary by carrying application form to each membership or telling them where they can access the information and applications. This is easy now that we have our Website / Blog which you can access on your computer, IPad, or Smartphone by going to You will see as you click around our website / blog we are linked with the Bateman Gallagher Post website and the Unit 668 Auxiliary website where you can get the information and forms you need for anyone interested in becoming a member of our post.
If you know someone who is interested  in becoming a member of our Post in any member class forward them correspondence to our activities and events or get their e-mail address and we will do it for you. By doing this they can get to know us increasing their interest in enrolling with us. And, we will be happy to soon add more members as Social Members when the final paperwork for the Radnor Veteran's Association is complete so no one interested in becoming a worthy member of  our Post will be turned away.
Now for some SAL and post News
SAL Commander Tony Waterer is proud to announce we the SAL Squadron 668 will take our place as in the past in hosting the first two Legion Barbeques or Barbecues depending on how you want to spell it will be Thursday May 23, and Thursday May 30, 2013. We also as the SAL will be providing the support to the post in cooking for the Post Memorial Day Celebration. We need volunteers from any post members in helping in the post and not with the parade to join us. Most important we would like a good showing from the SAL Membership in helping with any Memorial Day Post 668 Celebration activity parade or the post please contact the Post for more information @ (610) 688-9713 or e-mail us @
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Welcome Friends of SAL Squadron 668

Welcome to the Sons of the American Legion Squadron 668 Website / Blog. As we are a direct detachment to the American Legion we chose this format to support our upcoming American Legion Post 668 website. We also chose this format to show how active we are not only in our Legion Community but within the community itself.

As we grow we will leave plenty of room within this site to appreciate those who sponsor us, our Post along with our activities and show the deepest regard for Veterans of all walks of life as we do in our daily lives.

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